About Us

Hello and Welcome to the home of the Original Smoosh Blankets, Throws, Yarn, Knit Kits, Giant Needles, Pillows, and Poufs.

We are a family run shop, with each us contributing something different and unique. With Bobbie's creative talents and the values of hard work she has instilled in all of us, we feel lucky to be able provide for our family with our shop.

Why SMOOSH yarn and not others or raw wool roving? Our SMOOSH yarn is lightly spun for several reasons. The light twist in our yarn provides strength, durability and longevity ... While all wool products will shed and pill a bit, but with the twist applied to our yarn will do so much less then others and considerably less compared to plain roving. Roving also breaks and tears easily and can be difficult to work with, especially for less experienced extreme knitters. We add just enough twist to make it easy to work with, but not so much it is twisty, loose it's loftiness, or to cause uneven thickness. Our special process in preparing and spinning our yarn also allows for it to be much lighter in weight then plain wool roving. A 30x50 inch blanket made with our yarn will weigh 4-5 pounds, compared to the same sized blanket made with roving weighing 8-9 pounds! Blankets made with our yarn will also drape and move much more freely and not be at all stiff, unlike those made with roving.

***Recently featured in the Septmeber 2015 issue of Better Homes and Gardens - in the section with Brooke Shields and her home!

***Also look for our blanket soon with Sarah Jessics Parker in TV and Prints Ads!

About Bobbie:
I was blessed to be born into a family of creators. My father was an engineer who designed the 284 ft tall Monument Circle (Indianapolis) Christmas Tree of Lights, I had an Irish great-grandmother who could make a needle do her bidding and created the most beautiful, intricate lace imaginable. Each of my grandmothers shared with me their special gifts...one could assemble the most humble ingredients into a masterpiece, and the other was a prolific painter, sculptor, and writer who taught me to crochet at the age of 4.
I became an artist myself, and with my mothers guidance and her love of reading, my interests have branched into painting, sculpting, pottery, glass, jewelry and the fiber arts and through it all, i was fortunate to have a supportive and encouraging husband beside me along all my creative journeys.....and now, in my 7th decade, I have come to realize that I remember more of what I could do in my earlier life than I can do in my present one...and the torch passes. My extremely talented daughter and granddaughter have been totally in charge for some time now, and I am in awe of how they have transformed a simple idea into works of art. Thank you, Trish!...thank you, Kayla!
We are honored that you took the time to visit, thank you for your interest, and hope you find something here that brings you joy!

About Trish:
Living and working with such a wonderfully creative and inspired artist like my mom (Bobbie) can sometimes be a little hard on a square logical minded person like myself! But that's the beauty of our shop... With moms creative ability to design and create and my logical, step-by-step single minded ways, we have managed to mesh and meld our processes together into our wonderful products. We fill in each other's weaknesses and inspire the strengths.
I've been knitting since I was a child, but my interest was re-newed when my sister-in-law wanted some handknit socks about 15 years ago. Since then there's not a day that goes by without some type of yarn and needle in my hands. I also crochet often - and am always browsing to add to my growing yarn stash!

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